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Our Story

August 2005: While still in high school, Cherry and Johnny met at a joint-school exhibition event in Hong Kong. He helped her setup her computer and she (not so secretly) ate his chocolate digestive biscuits. After the event, they added each other over MSN Messenger and started chatting.

That November, they went ice skating. He took her hands and asked if Cherry would be his girlfriend. That’s how they started dating. They chatted for hours at a time and instantly knew they were right for each other.

In 2006, Johnny moved to Vancouver for university. Cherry and Johnny were able to keep their long-distance relationship going for 2 years. Their secret? By calling each other every day!

Finally in 2008, Cherry completed her A-Levels and was applying for university. No longer wanting to be apart, Cherry and Johnny moved to Toronto for university together. They’ve spent every day together since. Throughout the years, they have travelled near and far, leaving their footprints around the world.

During their trip to Japan in 2019, overlooking a raincloud-covered Mount Fuji, Johnny popped the question and Cherry said yes!

Johnny chose a hotel room with a beautiful view of Mount Fuji to propose in front of. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate, but here’s what the scene should have looked like.

In 2020, Cherry and Johnny got married on their 15-year dating anniversary, and so began the next chapter of their lives…